VBA rule on multiple computers using shared mailbox

Oliver Clements

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What i really need is to run a rule with VBA macro on the server side of a shared mailbox. Since this is not possible I am looking into installing the rule on several computers of users that share the mailbox. What this rule will do is look at the attachment on incoming emails and if the size is less than a set amount, it will be moved to a specific folder. The reason for using multiple computers is that not everyone is in the office at the same time and i need the rule to run at all times. I am curious if anyone has done something like this and what challenges you ran into. Will the rule on multiple computers cause duplication and conflicts?

Thank you

Diane Poremsky

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Well, you can't run VBA on the server side and you can't run rules on a shared mailbox unless it's open as an account in the profile.

If the size of the actual email is a 'normal' size, you could use a rule that looks at the message size and has an attachment. This is a server side rule so it will work - but you need to set it up with the shared mailbox opened as an account. See Shared Mailboxes and the Default 'Send From' Account for the steps. ETA: since this is a server side rule, you only need to open the shared mailbox as an account to set up the rule. The rule will run on the server when outlook is closed.