Template oft that contains VBScript Is not running

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I have a template that is stored in the address "c:/mytemplates/myoft.oft"

The file "myoft.oft", has a vbscript script incorporated: Function Item_Send()

The template opens with the macro: Application.CreateItemFromTemplate(c:/mytemplates/myoft.oft) but does not run the script.

How to make to run the script of the template that is created after open with CreateItemFromTemplate?


Diane Poremsky

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You didn't get a warning that the form needed published? Forms with Scripts need to be published, Forms with controls need to be opened using the Choose Forms explorer (New Items > Other Items > Choose Form the first time, then New Items > Custom Forms.

to publish the form, you need to show the Developer ribbon then open the template and publish.
Publishing Custom Forms in Outlook
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