Exchange 2013 On premise set MessageRateLimit for User has no effect.


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Pulling my hair out over this one, have a small Exchange 2013 Box running hosted exchange for about 7 organizations. I need to set a MessageRateLimit for sending for one mailbox. I have used the following commands:-

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name UPLimitPerMinute -MessageRateLimit 2
Set-Mailbox -Identity user_alias -ThrottlingPolicy UPLimitPerMinute

both command execute without error, if I subsequently run the Set-Mailbox -Identity user_alias -ThrottlingPolicy UPLimitPerMinute it says that it has executed but no changes were made indicating the initial run of the command worked.

If I run Get-ThrottlingPolicy UPLimitPerMinute |fl *limit* it shows :-

MessageRateLimiit : 2
RecipientRateLimit : Unlimited
ForwardeeLimit : Unlimiited

If I run :-

GetThrottlingPolicyAssociation user_alias | select throttlingpolicyid


So all looks to be set correctly. I have restarted :- Transport Delivery, Transport Submission, RPC Client Access and Microsoft Exchange Throttling Services.

However the rate is never applied, if I use VBA to send 200 message they arrive within 3 minutes, If I use Outlook, the limit is not honoured as quick as I can type they arrive, also the same behaviour in OWA.

Any ideas as to why this is not working?