Outlook 2010 Outlook 2010 & office 365 ...what a mess


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I have been running Outlook 2010 on my laptop, no problems. I received a year free trial to Office 365 and I activated it and my mistake I just opened up Outlook from the Office 365.

It apparently took my data files and copied them over, the new outlook works fine, but I do not want to continue using it.

Now when I open Outlook 2010 it DOES NOT WORK. When I try to send an email it just stays in the outbox and it does not receive emails either.

How do I go back ? What going to,happens hen the subscription expires, left with nothing ?

I do not want to influence anyone's suggestions, but will it help to delete ALL data files ( I am not worried about loss of info ) and do a reinstall of outlook 2010 , or even a system restore to a previous point before Office 365 ??


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most of the folders are stored in a .pst file...keep a second backup (another.pst) but chances are your work will not be deleted.Today I updated my office 10 to office 13 and everything was there.Later on I uninstalled office 13 and reinstalled outlook 2010 and eveyrything was there -(even calendars with a custom form)-

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