Outlook 2007 connector and Windows 10


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Hi Diane
I cannot tell in which server my account is. I uninstalled outlook connector and reinstalled it again, no success. I removed the email account and set it up again using the outlook connector and no success either - please see the server message in the attached. I tried logging into outlook.com and see the first message in the attached. All the above happened only after upgrading my browser to windows 10. For your information, other Hotmail accounts are running smoothly with outlook. Furthermore, I am receiving and sending emails using dkamaras@msn.com through my IPhone and no problem. please help


Diane Poremsky

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The error is either a transient error that will go away on it's own in a day or two or the account was moved.

If you use auto account setup, does it set it up as an Exchange account?
If you log into Outlook.com, does the banner above the inbox say outlook mail or outlook.com? Is the url outlook.live.com/owa? Outlook Mail & outlook.live.com/owa are the new server.