Outlook 2013 / Address Books disappear

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I have 2-3 users running Windows 7 Pro x64 / MS Office 2013. In Outlook the user goes to Public Folders, highlights a folder / right clicks "Properties" / goes to the "Outlook Address Book" tab / clicks on "Show this folder as an e-mail address book" / clicks "Ok". They do this for 4-5 groups. This works fine and when the user clicks "New Email" / "To" / under "Address Book" they successfully show up.... for about 2-3 days, then they disappear from To / "Address Book". Then the user has to go and select them again, and they'll last 4-5 days, then they'll disappear and the user has to go select them a third time. Sometimes the users select them on Friday afternoon, close out, and they'll be gone Monday morning - so we know they aren't touching / resetting anything. Any ideas on why they would disappear? We're running an Exchange 2013 DAG on Windows 2012 x64 servers, all is up to date, Windows Updated, etc. No other issues.

Thank you!
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