how to access the properties of a contact given distlist.member object

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I have some code that retrieves all distlists from outlook.Then I want to access the fullname and the email of the member from contactitems. How is that supposed to be done for I reckon that it should be possible. maybe the EntryID property can point to thw write answer... yet I am open to any solution, heh. I just couldn't find anything on the internet... us my code

tring stringcummulative = "";
                for (int memberIdx = 1; memberIdx <= curr.MemberCount; memberIdx++)
                    stringcummulative = curr.DLName + ":";
                    var member =  curr.GetMember(memberIdx);
                    //the following line does not work but it does point to what i seek to do
                    stringcummulative += member.FullName + "<"+ member.Email1Address+ ">;";

thnx in advance for your time
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