BCM hide subfolders


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Hello, I test BCM on LAN (database SQLExpress placed on server) and want ask if anyone has
tried change database items directly on SQL server for delete or hide subfolders (Sales, Marketing, etc.).
I read that program can not do it, but question is if it is possible "in another way". I would use BCM only with contacts and subfolders bother me. We havent Exchange, use outlook.com for share calendars and I would like also to share Outlook contacts (for free).

Diane Poremsky

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I'm pretty sure (but have not tested it) that the method here won't work. How to Hide or Delete Outlook's Default Folders I'm not aware of any other way to hide the extra folders. (Use the Hide method, not delete.)

My recommendation is to get an Office 365 Exchange online account ($4/mo per mailbox is cheapest price) - you'll be able to share calendar and contacts with other users this way and have a better email experience with everything in exchange.