Search Results Highlighting even in the search folders

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hello outlook experts!

i know that when i do an Instant Search in Outlook
that the search results get then highlighted,
even in the message body,
which is exactly what i want.

but when i use the more powerful search folders in Outlook
the keyword i put in to search for in the message body
does NOT get highlighted in the body anymore.

i figured that i can right after clicking the search folder
type into the upper instant search / filter box
that same word once again in
and have thus my search folder results
now again highlighted in the message body

but instead of doing this each time manually,
it would be far more useful & comfortable
if either:

a.) i could LOCK somehow automatically
right upon clicking that search folder
to have that instant search box pre-filled
with that same keyword i search for
and thus "adding" the search highlight ability
thus to search folders as-well

or else

b.) have another way to enable search highlighting
via search folders somehow via macro, vba or registry

or else

c.) maybe do it with some addin like QSearchFolders
which but i never could make work at all in Outlook
or else some other nicely integrated search folders add in

so if anyone knows a solution
how to enable search highlighting
for the regular Outlook search folders

that sure would be a great help!

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