Email Replied for first time Date/Time

Iqbal Khan

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I want to know if we can capture the date/time of an email when it was replied for the first time.

Since PR_LAST_VERB_EXECUTED property would always give date/time of the last reply of an email. How do I know when was the fist instance of email was replied.

For example : If I replied to one of the email and then I got replies to the email 4 times however when I pull the reply date using PR_LAST_VERB_EXECUTED property for all the emails, I would get the last reply date/time for all of them.

Is there a possibility to get when a particular instance of an email was replied.


Diane Poremsky

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last verb values are per message - if you replied to Original message (O1), that is Reply 1 (R1). It has a specific time of reply. If they reply back and you reply, you reply to O2 with R2. This has it's own last verb time. If you reply to O3, it has another time.

If you reply to O1 then hit reply later to add more to your original reply, the last time will be updated on O1. The only way to check these times is by looking at the sent items.