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Hello ..

When I try to change the font color of some field in in "Contact Management" folder using "Conditional formatting" / "Add"/ "Advanced" .. But everytime I exit outlook the effect is gone .. There is no option to same the View setting ..

Is there anyway I can save the changes and make contional formatting for BCM permanent ?
Also is it possible to write a vba code? a macro ? or anyway I can change the field font colors? or background color on fields ? in "Contact Management" tab ? grid line color ? Can you please write a sample code ?


Diane Poremsky

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i don't have an code samples for custom views and i use outlook 2016, so i can't test it. The views should be saved automatically when you click Ok.

views can be created using vba, but they are just basic views - i don't think it can do conditional formatting.

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