Want to autorespond to an email address in the body of message

Michael Gerity

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Hello. Not sure if I should be posting here or in the VBA forum, but I'll start here. I get paid leads from a provider, which contain the contact information of the lead, but only in the body of the email. The email itself comes from a "no-reply" email from the provider.

What I need to do is to set up an autoresponder for these incoming emails, but the message has to go to the lead's email address, not the sender, so a simple "respond to" rule would fail. I instead need to scrape/extract the email from the message body and send my form email to that email address.

I've searched the forum and the products listed. I found some code that will go through an inbox and extract emails from message bodies and export them to Excel, or something similar, but I need to be able to autorespond to the email immediately when it comes in. I don't care how it's accomplished. I use Outlook 2010 at work, but 2016 most other places, so I can work with either.