Blocked Sender List @Domain Not Working

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While I've seen similar threads, I haven't seen any solutions to the onslaught of spam emails. I'm trying to block at the domain level and I'm having limited success. I'm receiving up to 100 spam emails per day. Many come in the form of numbers and the numbers are changing constantly. I know Outlook doesn't handle "wildcards" so here's what I've done so for.
Example Spam Sender's Address:
Urgent info <53326172.11A7ABA770299F45AAA3E925586-1746107@118.0xcc.00000333.0212>

Working at the domain level I created @118 and loaded it into Spam Blocker. I actually created @1 all the way to 200 since that seems to be the common set of numbers used. It wasn't working. I then followed the number using a period and that doesn't seem to have any effect either Example: @150.

I even resorted to copying the email addresses to Excel and using a spreadsheet and formulas to break apart the email addresses beginning at the @ sign, then pasting into a text file and importing into Blocked Senders. While that works, it is time consuming and a royal pain to do everyday especially when I don't have a single- line list to copy from in Outlook.

Looking for any ideas on how to conquer this deluge of spam that just keeps on coming.
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