SMTP messages stuck in Outbox

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Tony Russo

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
We use MDeamon V16.02 with Outlook Connecter for server / users have Office 2010 32-bit

This is weird it is only happening in one remote office for three users. When I send just a plain text email to them it is received in real time. When I reply or send a new message from their accounts as plain text text it goes to Outbox and stays 20-60 seconds before it sends from their system. Once it leaves the Outbox it is received by recipient in a normal expected time. I tested this to both to an internal and external address, with same result. When you attach a file around 2mb for this testing it can take up to 20-40 seconds before it goes to the outbox and can stay there 30 – 90 seconds before leaving. I am sure these times would multiply by the bigger file size as well as other traffic creating longer delay.

I have added host file direct paths, tweaked outlook and created straight pipe to mail server on the firewall. Those changes were put into effect over the weekend. My testing did not prove any change in results. I have not uninstall Office/Outlook.
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