VBScript Move sent mail to non-default folder

Mark White

Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
I'm trying to move a sent email from the sent box to an other shared mailbox subfolder.

I can't use VBA as macros are disabled and am finding it difficult to change the GetFolderPath() function to work in VBScript.
Below is how I call it but I'm having trouble converting the VBA code into VBScript...

Does anyone have that functionality that allows traversing the folders that they could share with me?

Dim sTarget, sSubject
Dim olApp, olNS, olMsg, olFldr

sTarget = WScript.Arguments(0)
sSubject = WScript.Arguments(1)

Set olFldr = GetFolderPath(sTarget) '****************

Set olApp = GetObject(,"Outlook.Application")
Set olNS = olApp.getNamespace("MAPI")
For each olMsg in olNS.getDefaultFolder(5).Items
If olMsg.Subject = sSubject Then
olMsg.move olFldr
End If
Set olMsg = nothing
Set olNS = nothing
Set olApp = nothing

WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Done"