ind specific Subject line from outlook and copy the content of the email body to exce


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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
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I have group mail box in we receive mails frequently with Subject line
"Request ID 691941: Call Lodged", here 691941 keep changing with request coming in mail box and remaining will be same.

what I would like to do is;

My Macro should keep reading the group mail box when ever it sees a new mail with only subject line contains "Request ID ******: Call Lodged " remaining mails can be ignored

  1. from mail body it should copy only these fields to excel.

    i) Request ID ****** (in this only ****** ( Numeric number) should be copied to Excel)

    ii) Severity Level: Sev2 (in this only Sev2( this field keep changing like Sev1 or Sev3) should be copied to Excel)

    iii) Product: FINCORE (in this only FINCORE(This filed keep changing) should be copied to Excel)

    iv) Customer:FINATS (in this only FINATS(This field keep changing) should be copied to Excel)

    v) Date & Time : when this mail was received date and time

this should be copied in Excel in specified columns.