Query About "Delay Delivery" Function


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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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I am using Outlook 2016 app (Office 2016) on my desktop computer and I want to send an e-mail at a specific date and time. I'm not sure how this works. I'm sending from a @outlook.com e-mail address to a @upcmail.ie (a local broadband provider).

When I create the e-mail and then select Options>Delay Delivery, and then set a date and time in the future by choosing the "do not deliver before" function and click on "Close" - what exactly do I do next?

The mail is still open. Do I click on "Send"? And if I do what exactly happens to the mail?

Does it get sent from my PC to the server and wait there? Or does it stay on my PC and wait there until the elected time?

What I'm really trying to understand is whether I will have to have my PC switched on and Outlook open for the delayed e-mail to be sent, or can I set it up, close Outlook, log off my PC - and it will still get delivered even if I don't log on to my PC again until well after the requested delivery date/time?