Help Needed With Multi-Step Login Email Address

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I am currently trying to add my school email account to Outlook. However, I'm having trouble signing in as my email takes me to a separate page after I enter my email initially.

Google: ---> Enter

**It then goes to separate school district authentication page in the browser (not a popup)**

School District Authentication:




How do I setup an email account on outlook with the 2-step process above?

Diane Poremsky

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You can't log in with just the gmail address and password? I'm assuming you haven't set it up on a smartphone or other client either? (You'd use the same method in outlook).

You'll need to check with your it admin - normally just using the email address and password is sufficient, with an app password required if you use 2-factor authentication (google sends a code you need to enter). But what you describe isn't 2-factor..
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