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I have an exchange server here which was idle for last 2 years. When it was working we have about 200 mail users on it. we moved to office365, so this server was sitting idle and offline for last 2 years. The windows server is 2008 and the exchange server is 2010.
Now we need the PST file of one of the users. I heard that there is a way to extract the PST file via a command written in the command line, which seems complicate to me. My question is this:
Since I have this server next to me, can I connect a laptop to this exchange server (evidently not via internet but usb or any other means of connection) and setup the email of that specific user in outlook in my laptop and have the old emails?

Diane Poremsky

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Yes, you could... but you will need access to the AD - and if you removed the server from the AD, you won't have that access. Exmerge can export the mailbox if you can't connect to it (and you might be able to export it from the admin screens - it's been so long since i used an on-site exchange that i forget).