Outlook 2007 Contacts Glitch: Creating a new email


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Weird one. In Outlook 2007, for contacts you can have up to 3 emails in the pulldown. Right clicking on each one choosing "send mail" is supposed to send an email out to the one you choose but it doesn't work correctly. I have 2 email addresses for a contact and if I right click on the first one, no problem. If I then try to email using the 2nd email, it keeps creating new email using the FIRST email! Saving the contact does NOT fix this. Only exiting Outlook completely fixes it, so there is some update problem here, has anyone seen this?

Diane Poremsky

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Do you know when it started? There was a 'bad' security update in June that changed some behavior, but i haven't seen anyone complain about this specifically. Actually... maybe I did any just misunderstood - he wasn't real clear in the description but this makes more sense. I will check on it.