Macro to manually move selected emails to network folder

brian timmons

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Hello. Great website. (Didn't even know macros existed in Outlook until i found your website.)

Need some advice. We recently switched our entire office of 20 people from on-premise exchange to Office365 during a server upgrade and we rely heavily on public folders for managing project-related emails. Problem is with O365 sorting any amount of emails to public folders is horribly slow, outlook goes unresponsive, disappointment. Therefore we are ready to abandon O365public folders and simply sort emails to our network shares the old fashioned way.

Can you point me in the direction of code(s) that will accomplish the following:

1. Move a selection of emails from Outlook to a network share the user browses to.
2. In the process of moving the emails, the .msg file names are automatically changed to include the timestamp, sender and subject.
3. Maintain email metadata if possible.

All users are Windows7pro, Office2010, 2013, 64bit.

Sorry if this is a basic request but i am a total newbie to Outlook code and i'm sure this has been done many times before.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Diane Poremsky

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