Outlook 2010 How to get ALL Internet headers in Outlook desktop?


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By setting the Mail key and SaveAllMimeNotJustHeaders in registry for POP3 account on Outlook 2007, I'm not able to get X-Originating-IP header field. After setting the registry key, outlook downloaded the html source too of the new emails, but not all the header fields. In Outlook OWA (outlook website), I can see the X-Originating-IP of emails. But how can I get this X-Originating-IP header field in Outlook desktop 2010?

Diane Poremsky

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Really? I never verified it didn't do the full header but am surprised that it didn't.

I'm assuming this macro brings up the html source version, not the original header... Get Outlook's Internet Headers using VBA

AFAIK, that is not a property that is stored outside of the header and can't be pulled up, but will check into it.