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I am looking for a method to have the email address displayed on all the received messages. Since the mail comes in with only the name, chances of mail spoofing happens. Hence I need a custom user field to display the email message in a textbox so that the end user can see and validate the id. I need help to either modify the default template to include the field or use a custom form when opening the message.

All references in the Internet provide solutions to use custom forms to compose new email, but not for reading on replying.

If someone can throw some light in getting this achieved either using the default outlook options or using Outlook VBA, it will be very much appreciated.


Diane Poremsky

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I believe I have a macro that adds the address to a custom field as the message arrives, but the best way to forceably display it is with a macro that runs when the message is opened or selected. I should have some that do that too.

This will show the address in a custom field - best if you don’t use the compact view:
How to display the sender's email address in Outlook

Rules can sort messages from internal senders
Create rules that apply to an entire domain

The run a script rule here can be tweaked to set categories:
Sort messages by Sender domain

Because it would be annoying to see the dialog every time a messsage is selected, I recommend only doing it for unread messages.

Setting a category might be better, especially if you only need to flag messages for specific domains. (It wouldn’t be workable for all mail - too many domains)

I’m out of town and can’t verify with 2010, but newer versions show the sender name and address in the from field of the message header (when you read a message). I thought 2010 did as well.