Correct Format of custom Yes/No Checkboxes

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Through years I have custom designed contact form in use and add additional custom designed fields time by time.

Now I have some problems.
I have some check boxes beside each other which are sometimes displayed more narrow than normal (than the others).

I went to look at their properties but layout is the same as all other check boxes.

But what I found is that some check boxes have
Type: Yes/No
Format: Symbol some have Format: Yes/No
Property: Value

First I think all check boxes should have correct settings, therefore my first question is:
What settings should I choose.
The check box should display only YES or NO (checked or unchecked)
If I add a new field the default should be NO (unchecked)

I have 6.000 important records in my contact folder.

Can I do the changes without loosing data?

2nd question:

What I found also is that only some of the custom defined fields are also seen in "all fields" "in the folder".

How can I get my custom designed fields from the "element" (form) also to the "folder" where the contacts are?
(it is not the standard contact folder)

Many thanks for your answers that I can start today in viewing all my approx. 50 check boxes to correct them to the right value.

Ja Nein Feld werte Format value.png

Ja Nein Feld werte Format Yes_No.png
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