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Outlook 2016 has "Outlook 2015" files


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My scanpst.exe appears to be corrupted. But when I looked for it in \Program Files\...Office 16, I found an Office 2015 folder there instead. There is an Office2016 folder under \Program Files x86\ (Which is puzzling as I am running Win10 x64), but the scanpst.exe found there by my search program has a broken symbol next to it, which is why I think it's corrupted.

How do I correct this and get the Office 2016 folder back? Or, if it's in tghe right place now, how do I get a fresh copy of scanpst.exe?

Diane Poremsky

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The icon is a broken envelope - I swear it is the worst design ever because enough people question it that I wrote an article about it. :)

If you have office 16, scanpst should be in the folder with the office install. But I think the one in the 15 folder might work.

Office bitness can be 32 while Windows is 64. The 32 bit apps are in “program files 32x”.

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