Is there a way to add something that is in the "Format Text" tab to the "basic Text" on the message tab


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In Outlook 2010 when you're creating an email there is a "format text" tab that has things in it that I would like to have In the basic text section in the message tab. Is there any way to select individual things from one section in one tab and move them to another section in another tab. For example, on the message tab, there are the basic text commands and you have the small"A and the large "A" To adjust the size Of any highlighted text either larger or smaller.

On the format text tab, In the font section, there is a command "Aa" That allows you to make many different changes to the highlighted text. I would like to move this command over to the message tab under the basic font functions just to make it a little bit easier and not have to keep switching tabsTo make different changes to the text.

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if it is in the all commands list as a separate button, yes. Shrink and Grow and Change case buttons can be added to the ribbon, although its already on the Home / Message ribbon so you shouldn't need to. You need to open the new message form, go to options then customize ribbon (or quick access) and look on All commands

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