[TOOL] QuickModules to sort emails very quickly to multiple folders

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Hello all ;) ,

I did not find a way to include it in resources so I'm posting it here.

This is a project (VBA Outlook) that I've made that really helped me sorting my emails with Outlook when I was managing projects and had many emails coming on various topic I had to follow.

Email rules sometimes just don't make it and drag & drop system is very poor for sorting emails quickly among various folders.

To my surprise I did not find any existing tool easing this process.
So I've built this one using vba macros.

This tool is able to send selected emails or jump to a specific folder just by typing part of the folder name or paths.
It shows you a dynamic list of potential matches and you just double-click - or select using arrow keys and hit enter - to move to the desired folder.

I've decided to share it free along with documentation :) .
BTW you might be very interested trying out my main software project called EverFastAccess, an ultra-fast intuitive & smart note-taking app that you can also use to take notes on Outlook, emails, files etc.

I've made a quick video on this Outlook module:

I hope you will like it.
Please post any feedback: it is always pleasant to have some answers :p
Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
Email Account
The tool has been totally rewritten in c# (vsto).
Therefore it is now also available as an Outlook Add-in (with simple installer)

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