outlook.com opens with "item not found"


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Last weekend, I removed Third Party cookies using the process that Microsoft and others now have to provide us with. SInce then, (a co-incidence?) outlook.com has been difficult to open eg nothing happens for a few minutes, when it does open it populates my Inbox six or seven messages at a time. Sometimes I even have to have three tabs open to get things moving.
Today there was a new development when I opened my outlook.com - this message on screen "this item wasn't found"

Outlook startup - the item wasn't found 2018-06 22nd.PNG

I'd appreciate your advice, please.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Well, anything is possible, but I think its a coincidence. I've seen others report issues with outlook.com not working right. They don't always explain the problem well or include screenshots, so i can't be sure its the same issue though - they usually just say its not working.

After you clear the cookies, any you need should be recreated.