Automating message move between folders



I am not sure if this is a "macro" question or I am just doing something wrong, but here's the scenario:

At work, we're using Office365. I am sometimes using my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to read and archive or delete e-mail messages.

If I use the inbuilt "Archive" button on the Galaxy's Outlook interface, the messages are saved into a folder called Archive1 -- most likely because there is already a default "Archive" folder.

I need to be able to automatically move the messages from the Archive1 folder to another folder, say "Storage". So, either I need a macro that will do this with all incoming messages into Archive1, or I need to find out if there is a redirection setting in the Samsung's Outlook Archive button -- or both.

I have not been able to find an answer to the Samsung Archive button question but would love to head solutions for both approaches.

Thanks in anticipation.