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I am looking for some help with installing Outlook 365. This is the desktop subscription version. Not O2016 or the web based version.
I have previously used Outlook for years, most recently O2010. Before all I had to do was to import the .pst file and all was well. I had over 5 email accounts and just one inbox.
In preping for a new install on a new machine, I tested an install of Office 365 on an old laptop. When opening Outlook for the first time, I had not other option than to enter an email address. So I did so. I then imported my latest .pst file. I wound up with two inboxes. After entering more email addresses ( what I thought were "accounts"), I had 6 inboxes. 5 for each email address and 1 for the .pst file.

How do I get back to only one inbox ??? And all email addresses downloading into it?



Diane Poremsky

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The accounts were added as imap accounts, not pop3, which you had before. Auto-account setup chooses imap if the mail server supports it, because its better if you use multiple devices.

To set it up as pop3, click Advanced after entering your email address and tick the option for manual setup then choose pop3 when the next screen comes up. if you want everything in the old pst, select the option to use an existing pst.