Macro to add multiple recipients to message

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I would have thought this would be simple, but after searching the interwebs for several hours, I am no closer to figuring out an answer.

Heres what I am trying to accomplish.

For work using a web-based form, I create a PDF, that opens directly in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
I edit said PDF (if needed) and then using the Send File button, it opens an Outlook 2013 window with my PDF already attached.
I want to create a macro to:

1) Add a recipient to TO:
2) Add another recipient to CC:
3) Send the email.

Can I do that? Can anyone guide me thru setting that up?

Very much appreciate any help with this.


Michael Bauer

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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You could solve that somewhat easily with Outlook VBA only if Adobe directly calls Outlook to create the email. I doubt this is the case. More likely is that Adobe sends the call to create the email to an underlying mechanism that creates the email no matter which email app you´re using. In this case Outlook would not execute any VBA code automatically.

You can test that easily with the NewInspector event. If it doesn´t fire the latter of the above is the case.