Print email and, attachments sent in hyperlinks in the email


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My question is a bit similar to this.
I receive emails daily about registrations from a certain email address. In this email there are 1-3 links.
The link text is "Download" and it refers to a link where the files are saved.
So if there is one attachment, it will say: some text: Download
For two it will say:
some text: Download
some text: Download
and for three:
some text: Download
some text: Download
some text: Download
What I am looking for as a vba macro is to be able to select these emails and then run the macro. The macro should print each email and then go to the link and print the attachments in these links one by one for all emails selected.
The order should be print email, print link 1 attachment, print link 2 attachment (if present), print link 3 attachment (if present), print second email, print second email attachments and so on.
I am looking for a vba solution as I won't have right to install anything else on the computer.
Appreciate your help.
I must mention here that I am completely new to outlook-vba and below has been generated by copy/paste/edit from here. It is working to print the emails. I now need help with printing the attachments by following the hyperlinks in the email. I have also come across this when doing more research, but it is all Greek to me.
Below is the code used to print the email.

Option Explicit

    Public Sub PrintDelete()

    Dim objOL                      As Outlook.Application

    Dim objMsg                     As Outlook.MailItem

    Dim objAttachments             As Outlook.Attachments

    Dim objSelection               As Outlook.Selection

    Dim i                          As Long

    Dim lngCount                   As Long

    Dim Response                   As Integer

    Dim msg                        As String

    Dim strSubject                 As String

     ' Instantiate an Outlook Application object.

    Set objOL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

     ' Get the collection of selected objects.

    Set objSelection = objOL.ActiveExplorer.Selection

     ' Check selected item for attachments.

    For i = objSelection.Count To 1 Step -1


               Call LaunchURL(objSelection(i).objMsg)



    Set objAttachments = Nothing

    Set objMsg = Nothing

    Set objSelection = Nothing

    Set objOL = Nothing

End Sub


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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 64 bit
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Hi. Thank you for your reply. Yes, there are two email addresses (showing as links) in the message as well.

I did come across this link but due to not having enough knowledge could not change it to print instead of save.