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How to show assigned tasks under certain mailbox?


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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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Dear all.

I am encountering a problem while working with tasks:
I have two mailboxes, one is my personal mailbox, the other one is shared with 2 other people. We use the common mailbox to receive mails which we then usually turn into tasks and assign them to certain persons. When we assign a task, we make sure that the task is sent from the common mailbox. However, when I go to the task-overview, I see them under my personal mailbox. They do not appear under the shared mailbox, even though that should be the case. The point is, that noone besides the person who created the task can see the mentioned task - unless it is created under the shared/common mailbox.

Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks in advance for any kind of help.

Kind regards

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