Outlook Contact Manager - A viable successor?


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Hi all,

I'm curious if any current or prior BCM administrators have tried out Outlook Contact Manager.

How'd you like it? Did if fulfill your needs in the same way as BCM? Please if you will, share your experience here.

Obviously all of us are in the same boat. Aging CRM software and in need of a migration path. If you didn't settle on OCM, to what software have you migrated?

Also -- I remember seeing a developer blog about a migration tool that someone at MSFT had developed for migrating data from BCM databases to the new OCM that comes with business subscriptions of Office 365. Has anyone seen this or used it?

Thanks everyone,

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Tool: I don't know about Microsoft, but there is a tool, created by an outlook mvp. BCM Migration Assistant

I have OCM - its not as robust as BCM IMHO, but is serviceable. The big issue is you need a business premium account - this includes both office software and services. You can't get it just a mailbox at this time. The reasoning is that it only works with outlook 2016 - I don't know if they will left that requirement as newer versions of office come out.

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