MIcrosoft Outlook PST file cannot repair


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I have a user, who has left the company, however the manager of the department needs to view this user's outlook pst file. The pst file is 3.4gb. When we try to attach the pst file to outlook, it gives us an error message, saying something about pst repair.

I ran the scanpst.exe program to repair the pst file. The repair program gets so far then just freezes ... task manager says that the program is not responding.

Help ... is there another way to repair this pst file? Is there a website that offers a repair tool other than (better than) the standard scanpst.exe. Are there any 3rd party tools that you recommend that I could purchase?

We are using Microsoft Outlook 2007. Our OS is Windows XP SP3. The pst file is standard run-of-the-mill pst file, nothing fancy about the file, except is probably is too large.

Diane Poremsky

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