Unable to send an email from one account to another on same PC


Running Outlook 2007 under Win10.

I have four email accounts with earthlink. I can receive email from any external sender and I can send email to any external receiver with no problems. My problem is that if I try to send an email to myself under any other of my accounts from any other of my accounts on the same machine, the emails are in fact sent but they never appear in the accounts in box. However, they do appear in the relevant webmail inbox...they just don't ever appear on my PC. No error messages have appeared at any time.

I have fooled around with this issue for a few weeks now and appear to have met my Waterloo.

I am hoping someone here might have some insight into this problem and would appreciate any help.

Many thanks...


They aren't in Junk mail?
What type of email account do you have configured in Outlook? POP or IMAP?
No, I checked junkmail and nothing was there. All 4 accounts are set up as POP mail.

BUT...I solved the problem and failed to to notify the board.

Turns out that for the one account that was involved in the problem, some jerk had broken into that account and set mail forwarding so that everything that was coming into the account was being forwarded to the jerk...not an outlook issue at all. I had never heard of this particular "issue" (leading a sheltered life I guess) but can imagine one could really suffer some serious problems this way.

Hope this info might help someone troubleshoot a similar disappearing mail problem but having no luck peering into the innards of outlook for a solution...