Office 365 using POP3 on both laptop and desktop

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I strongly prefer the use of POP3 protocol = the use of .PST files
Outlook of Office 365 on multiple devices is using IMAP and .OST files.
This is the reason for me -not- to subscribe to Office 365.

Currently I don't have a laptop to check it, but I think I might have a solution with regards to synchronizing.
Repeat - think... It is just an idea, I don't if it works.

First I copy the entire .pst from desktop to laptop
Then install Office 365 and use the .pst file.

I leave the mail on server for 7 days, i.e. when I retrieve the inbound mail, the I suppose the inboxes on laptop and desktop are the same.

Now as for the sent items.
Use a vba script within Outlook on the laptop that automatically sends a bcc to some-other-email address.
( I use the email address provided by my ISP, but that I hardly ever use anyway. Alternatively, maybe create a new Gmail address only for this specific purpose?)

Within Outlook on desktop, within this 'some-other-account' create a rule that says that emails from laptop email address, should be moved to the "Sent Items" folder of the default email account, being the same as the one used on the laptop.

This way, I suppose, at least what has been sent from the laptop is available in the sent items on the desktop pc.

I tested it on my desktop pc and it works.

Maybe it can also be done the other way round.
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