Select / activate first email item in the searched query


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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Exchange Server
Dear all,

I am currently using the code as follows to search for any emails that were sent / received during a certain period. So far so good. Now, how can I select and activate first email found in the chain of emails? Screenshot attached.

Private Sub Emails()
CreateObject("WScript.Shell").PopUp "The emails sent", &H0 + &H0
Dim myOlApp As New Outlook.Application
txtSearch = "sent: (" & "27-10-2018" & "" & ".." & "" & Date & ")"
myOlApp.ActiveExplorer.Search txtSearch, olSearchScopeAllFolders
Set myOlApp = Nothing
End Sub


Michael Bauer

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
The AdvancedSearchComplete event gives you with SearchObject.Results the list of found items. Pass the first one to ActiveExplorer.AddToSelection

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