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I am trying to synchronise my Outlook 2007 desktop application with my online Outlook account. I have Windows 10. To do so I have loaded Outlook on my desktop, selected Tools along the top and then Options / Mail Setup / Email accounts. Then double-click on my Outlook email address and, in Internet email settings, I type in my first name, email address and under server information, I see POP3. I type in for both incoming and outgoing mail servers.

I assume my user name is my email address again and the password for that email address. I have not selected require SPA log-in. I then clicked 'More settings' and on the Advanced tab I have POP3 as 110 and 25 for SMTP. I have not selected 'SSL required'. Under 'Use the following encrypted connection, I have 'Auto'.

I click OK and then 'test account settings' and get these errors:


What am I doing wrong, please?

Thank you.

Diane Poremsky

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Did you get the server names from - Microsoft free personal email ?

Also, Outlook 2007 can connect to as exchange - this will sync calendar & contacts

These are the server names in my account - i think they are the same for everyone.
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