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I'm avg. IT guy, not Office expert.
Setting up a new Windows 10 that I'll install a new Office 365.
Old PC has Office 2007.
Only concerned with Outlook.
Is there a neat how to on moving the 2007 data to the new PC on Outlook 365?

Diane Poremsky

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All you need to do is copy the POP3 pst to the new computer - it might be in %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook - on the new computer, put it in Documents\Outlook Files - unless you are syncing documents with one drive, then put the folder somewhere else.

You can set it as the default data file when you add the account to outlook or open it in outlook using File, Open & Export, Open Outlook Data files. When you use the same default pst from the old computer, your rules, categories and other 'special' data will be available - if you import, you lose all of this.

Profiles can't be moved, so you'll need to recreate the accounts in the new profile.


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Diane - you are GREAT!!!

I want to follow your "Move" article, but what I want to accomplish is even more complicated.
Please see my thread in these Forums at
How set up new IMAP on Outlook-Office 365 and merge in pst from Outlook 2003 for same two email accounts?

I want to set up Outlook in Office 365 for the first time and connect to two existing email accounts as IMAP.
But I also want to Import a large .pst file from Outlook 2003 in XP for the same two email accounts, but my connection there has always been POP3 (with Leave copies of messages on the server checked).

Ideally, when I'm done, my new Outlook in Office 365 will show the same folders as before, with all my POP3 email there, but going forward as IMAP, and ideally with only ONE Inbox and ONE Sent folder (as is the case now in Outlook 2003).

Please advise - ideally at that Forum link where I set all the details and so I get an email that I have a Reply.