Gathering Calendar Appointments from Calendars that synced as Contacts

Nick Anderson

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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We have two companies that are merging together. During this merger we are sharing GAL and company A MIM synced their stuff over to company B. This sync caused all of the room calendars to come through in the Address Book as contacts. This is ok, but now I am needing to get data exported to Excel from these room calendars so that I can create a report.

Here is my question....I would like to know how to go about exporting data from all 9 room calendars from this company into Excel. I have tried doing a copy calendar and I am getting personal items error. I tried to change the view as a list, but that is not working either.

Not sure what else to try at this point, not sure if there is a PowerShell command that can be tested out.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
Can you create a calendar folder and drag the events from the bad calendar to the new one? (That works for imported imap accounts with 'this computer only' folders).

I don't know it if will work for these folders, but you might be able to use mfcmapi to change the folder type.
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