Outlook 2016 How to save an Outlook attachment to a specific folder then delete the email it came from?


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I'm new to this forum and found a post that look similar to what I need to accomplish but I still need some assistance on how to do it since I don't have much knowledge in this field.

Basically I inherited this from somebody that is no longer with my company. There used to be a job that sends out an email with an attachment to a shared email address. That part still works.

What is not working is when that specific email arrives, there's probably an Outlook rule, it's not copying the attachment to a network folder then delete the email.

This happened when we migrated this email address from On-Prem to Office365

My challenge is how can I get this to work? It used to work for a couple of years and for some reason after the email get migrated it stopped. Also this email is sent to a shared email address and if I need to create a rule for this, it also need to be running on its own without intervention.

Thank you in advance.

Diane Poremsky

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Did you look for rules? It actually sounds more like a macro, if it is saving the attachment. There is no rule action to save attachments, but its fairly easy using a macro as long as the mailbox is open in Outlook.

Best guess: whatever was doing the saving was using the on-prem alias and that changed in the migration.