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    Outlook 2010 I am getting error code 0x8DE00006 'the operation failed'. outlook 2010 send/receive progress

    This type of error generally occurs when you try to synchronize or updated Outlook. For complete detailed solution click here>>
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    Exchange 2010 / Outlook 20070 "client error in synchronization log"

    This error typically occurs when Outlook is configured in the cached Exchange mode. There is one default method given by Microsoft is to configure a new DWORD value in the registry to control how Outlook generates synchronization logs. For the complete step by step procedure click here >>
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    How to send outlook meeting request as attachment

    There are many ways to send the request for meeting are as follows: 1) Drag & Drop - Prerequisite is that you should have the appointment in your calender. Then simply drag and drop the calendar item into the mail section of navigation bar. In this way, the new mail message is automatically...