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    Outlook replacement options - contact journal activities lost

    Having recently upgraded to 2013, I have to say I'm astounded by how much they changed it for the worse. The Activities tab was crucial to my business and I can't see any reason to have removed it. Outlook is quickly becoming simply a mail/phone/calendar app rather than a full information...
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    Street Addresses Formatting Glitch?

    Using the Business Card view, I've noticed that quite a few of my street addresses have incorrect formatting since switching from 2003 to 2007. So instead of: John Smith 123 Anyplace Street New York, NY 10020 I get: John Smith123 Anyplace StreetNew York, NY...
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    Unable to search for Contacts in Tasks?

    Yes, contact linking is enabled. The Contact field actually will not show up if you do not have it enabled. I wondered for a while if it was because I had the Contacts (plural) field showing in the view, versus the Contact field (you can edit the Contact field in table view, but not...
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    Unable to search for Contacts in Tasks?

    I've noticed that since I upgraded to 2007, Outlook no longer finds Contacts when I put them into the Tasks search window. For example, let's say I have a Contact named Peter Pan. I have a Task with the Subject "Send Crocodile Proposal." But I also have Contacts for Captain Hook, Tinkerbell...