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    Search function in Office 365 has stopped working

    I think so, I went to File/Options/Search/Advanced and clicked on re-index. It didn't seem to trigger any action and the box noted a very large number of items indexed. I did not specify a new location for the index; should I? I am using a MAPI account through GSynch, and the mail is...
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    Search function in Office 365 has stopped working

    Without warning and no apparent cause, the search function in Outlook 365 no longer works in Mail, Calendar or Contacts. I can find contacts using the "Search People" box at the top right in any of the apps, but I get no results from the search box in any of the views in Mail., Calendar or...
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    "search people" not finding all contacts

    I'm having a similar problem, get "no entries" when I search in Office 365 Outlook Contacs using the search box at the top of the list of contacts. When I sue the "Search People" box at the top right, it finds all the instances of any name I am searching for. This just happened today; before...
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    Some emails not downloading from gmail to MS Outlook 2013

    Diane, thanks. I went into the "custom" set up at Send and Receive Settings and set it to download to the respective in boxes, that did the trick.
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    Some emails not downloading from gmail to MS Outlook 2013

    I posted a question about a similar problem I'm having with Office 365 not synching my IMAP folders, including Gmail, when Outlook opens. I can "update folder" manually and after that Outlook continues to periodically synch with both IMAP accounts. But the need to do this manually the first...
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    IMAP folders don't update when Outlook 365 opens

    I am using Office 365 and have 3 email accounts, two IMAP and one POP. Without warning, only the POP account updates when I open Outlook. I have to maually "update folders" for the other two. After that they update throughout the day without my intervention. This wasn't the case until I had...
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    Deleting old Stream_autocomplete and other files

    I show a lot of real estate being eaten up on my laptop's hard drive by stream_autocomplete and other stream_ files in the roam cache. Some are dated months ago. Can I delete any of these without suffering some adverse consequence? My Outlook files are really hogging a lot of space and I'm...
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    Removal of iCloud contacts in Outlook contact list

    When I try to check out of iCloud it warns me that doing so will delete all of my distribution lists in Outlook, in spite of the fact that I am not using the iCloud address file and it currently contains no records. Am I going to lose these things in Outlook if I log off iCloud and then...
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    Relocating archive.pst file

    Diane: thanks. By "tasks you told it to move out of the working pst" I assume this means deleted emails and contacts, and past dates in the calendar?
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    Relocating archive.pst file

    Thank you both. On Diane's suggestion, I'd prefer the network drive solution. If I move the archive.pst file to a drive, will Outlook automatically create a new archive.pst file when it can't find the old one in its normal location or will it prompt me in some way? Or should I put the new path...
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    Relocating archive.pst file

    My Outlook 2013 archive.pst file has grown to 13GB and I would love to free up that real estate on my hard drive. Does this file have to be accessible to Outlook all the time for the program to function properly? If I relocate it to a thumb drive will I have to keep the drive plugged into a...
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    Repairing iCloud damage

    Like many others on this forum I unsuspectingly checked "synch mail and contacts" when Apple asked me. The "synching" wiped out my Outlook calendar and contact information. I have tried to copy the entries out of the "list" view from the iCloud calendar to my former default calendar; when I...