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    Add a string to the conditions in .Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Text

    ThnX Diane, Tried that, but doesn't work - type mismatch. Then figured out oRule.Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Text is an array (I could have know before, as this works: For Each co In colRules.Item("Spam").Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Text and...
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    Add a string to the conditions in .Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Text

    I use multiple rules that use conditions like BodyOrSubject holds "string1; string2 etc" I can manually add a string to the BodyOrSubject conditions, but now want to do that with VBA. The code below runs fine until "oRule.Conditions.BodyOrSubject.Add strSubject" - what would be the correct...
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    Reusing Sent Messages

    Hi Diane, Thanks for this suggestion, it will save me a lot of time. But there is a little problem with the mails I am trying to Resend: they are digitally signed, so when I try to resend, I first got a warning that I am trying to send the message from a different profile than the message was...