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    In need of VBA code to read / parse HTML - Outlook emails

    Esteemed Board Members! I have a (new) request from upper management to provide a VBA application that will read MS Outlook emails that have been sent in the HTML format. Once I harvest the (entire) HTML page – then – I will need to parse the harvested data into designated, (i.e. –...
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    Open/Close Outlook - Via Excel VBA

    Larry - Thank you for the response!! While you are correct with the above VBA code, when embedded within an application, that code will open Outlook as a background application only, (i.e. - not visable), and the Outlook application will close when the calling application VBA code is stopped...
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    Open/Close Outlook - Via Excel VBA

    I am looking for the correct syntex to open and then close Outlook via Excel VBA code. The code would reside in an Excel application. Thank you in advance. Choppork 1325 CDT June 19, 2013