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    Connecting to Exchange changes calendar functionality

    Hello, I have a user that is using Outlook 2013. They already have two G-mail accounts set-up. I went to connect their Outlook to an Exchange 2010 account and when doing so there was a pop-up that said something about connecting to Exchange has changed how Outlook handles mail and calendar...
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    Combining date and time into one field

    Hello, I would like to take the date portion of one field and combine it with the time portion of another field in a third field in a custom form. I'm familiar with the datevalue() and timevalue() functions, but can't seem to get the syntax right to have the third field display properly. Any...
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    Multiple values for a field (like categories)

    I was able to figure this out.
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    Multiple values for a field (like categories)

    Hello, The categories field(control) allows for multiple values (separated by a semi-colon). I was wondering if there are other fields that share this capability or is there another way to accomplish this. What I am trying to do: I have 5 custom fields on a form. Fields 1 and 2 are related...