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    Meeting Request - Too Many Recipients

    A meeting was created from a shared calendar, and then forwarded to a couple distribution groups with about 40 members total, as well as a few individuals. These members then forwarded this meeting to very large distribution groups. In the original invite, it now shows each recipient...
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    Meeting Invites Arrive as .ics Attachments

    I have a user with Outlook 2013 (Office 365 ProPlus), and meeting invites from select external sources arrive as plain messages with .ics attachments. These attachments then contain the meeting invite. Is this a setting on our end, their end, the client?
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    After Moving or Deleting Open Item - Meeting Requests

    According to Microsoft Support, this was known internally, but there have been very few customers that have brought it up. There are no current plans to fix the issue.
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    After Moving or Deleting Open Item - Meeting Requests

    I'm aware of the setting "After moving or deleting an open item...", but it doesn't seem to be working for meeting requests in Outlook 2013. More Detail: If I have multiple meeting requests next to each other in my inbox and I open one and accept, I am returned back to my inbox instead of the...