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    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    Standardized keyboard need to get rid of, or make awkward to use, the Caps Lock and INS keys. I now have a keyboard that moved the 6 buttons (INS-Home-PGup, DEL-END-PGdn) down and installed Sleep-Wakeup-Power. I pulled all three caps off the first time I went to pg-up and shut the computer off...
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    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    My DEL key is now worn out enough to be a button with no lettering. I am sure that there are just as many reasons to use Confirmation e-mail as there are reasons to not. Big Brother should not be the one that decides. Hey, I just got informed that some of the traction belts are going to come...
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    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    But you go through all the extra steps when you receive e-mail from NoReply messages? What is the difference? You are clicking on potentially dangerous URLs, no? BTW: Those that use Confirmation e-mail security do have the option to browse and accept regardless of whether or not you confirm.
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    Best way to identify/designate contacts in incoming emails?

    Look up Whitelist filters.....
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    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    "Adding names to the blocked list is the worst way to filter mail." Is not blacklisting the way Junk Mail filter works in Outlook?. You have to click and block every individual ad e-mail message you get. Then they have an automated method to send out the same garbage ad again but with a...
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    How do I activate the "Send Again" option in Sent Mail folder?

    When I have a message that has been sent and I want to send it again, maybe with modification. I don't see the "Send Again" option when looking at the message in the "Sent Folder". The "Forward" option is not all that civilized.
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    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    Maybe you don't get much junk mail. Been there, tried that. It is a royal circus as junk mailers have clever ways to keep making minor changes to addresses just to get around that (now obsolete) feature. I need something much more aggressive. I have seen this in action. I send a first...
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    How do I set up an "Incoming mail filter"

    I have seen a sort of white list for all incoming mail. Either the sender is in my contacts list or they receive a verification notice on which to click in order to be accepted into my in-box. This totally prevents all junk mail. How do I set this up?
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    How do I remove "Delete Folder" from the right-click menu?

    and keep "Delete Folder" in the ribbon?